Check Out These Videos of Stroopies Being Made in Holland:

Dutch Festival in Barrie, Holland

Made in Holland

Check back soon for a video from Dan and Ed’s factory in Lancaster, PA.

Employees and the Heart Behind The Making of our Stroopies:

Dan, Ed, Jonathan & Jennie have a strong passion for helping immigrants who have made the USA their new home. Many have come from war-torn nations and are looking for meaningful employment. People come before our business goals. With that in mind, we are thrilled that our US operation has been able to hire our 1st employee who has been welcomed to the US from a refugee camp in Iraq.  


In India, our employees are our lifeblood.  We have a great team who are passionate about their work, love to learn new skills, and consider their work an act of worship to God.  We have an Education Fund for employee’s kids with a built in health insurance fund to help in emergencies.  Doing great business with integrity and taking care of the people you employee is our main goal.  Our honesty and perseverance have been rewarded with the environment that you long for at work everyday, and a sustainable business that does good in the community.