Our Story

7° South was birthed in Java, Indonesia, in the late 90’s as an exporter of Indonesian Handicrafts and teak garden furniture. Due to the economic downturn in Asia in 2001, we closed the doors on our export business, and Ed’s family moved back to the USA. With some friends they started a cafe – Prince Street Cafe – where food, friends, music, and art can be experienced. It’s a neighborhood place where community happens!

It was during frequent trips to Europe from Indonesia that Ed’s family started enjoying the delicious Dutch stroopwafel, always served with a hot drink in canal side cafes. The kids loved them as an afternoon snack, or morning treat! We bought packs and packs of them to bring back to the USA or Indonesia as gifts to friends and family. Everyone loved them and wondered where they could get more!

So we decided it was time to bring one of the best dessert cookie experiences in Europe to the USA. In 2007 Dan’s family moved east from Las Vegas to work with Ed at 7° South to launch the U.S. Stroopie business.

In 2010, Jonathan & Jennie joined the stroopie family with a heart to continue to see the business grow & expand in the U.S.   Jonathan grew up working in his family’s business, Groff’s Candies.   With his background working with sweets, diving into the “stroopie world” was a good fit.

The Stroopwafel (or ‘stroopie’ as Dan and Ed, pictured at right, and thousands of Dutch teens, refer to it) is one of Europe’s oldest and most secret recipes. Now you can enjoy the authentic taste here in the USA.

On September 25, The Stroopie Co. took the top prize in the Great Social Enterprise Pitch in Lancaster!   We couldn’t be more thrilled!


Lancaster is home to a substantial refugee population. In addition to the turbulent and often-traumatic path to come to the United States, many refugees face a difficult time finding employment once they are resettled in Lancaster due to language and cultural barriers.


Meaningful, full-time employment is the key to breaking down many of the cultural, linguistic and social barriers that many refugees experience upon coming to the United States. Given the opportunity to gain experience and marketable skills, refugees in the Lancaster area can achieve leadership positions in companies to use as a springboard for success.


Already a quickly-growing business in the Lancaster area, The Stroopie Co. seeks to build on their commitment to hire members of the refugee population. Partnering with several other confectionary makers, The Stroopie Co. will open the “Lancaster Sweet Shoppe” with the hope of hiring refugees for full-time positions, giving them the tools they need to successfully acclimate to the community as well as become successful in their future ventures.

Read more about our win in the Great Social Enterprise Pitch here.